Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Okay, I use a lot of neon pink and blue.

Hey yous guyses! How's everyone doing on this fine Tuesday? It's cloudy and rainy here in the Atlanta area but I'm not even mad, I'm going running today so the few degrees in temperature drop that the rain creates is a WELCOME modification to my running weather. Do you guys go running when it's 95 degrees? I have been, and I have to tell you, it's pretty insanely miserable. You do feel like a badass afterward though and then you get that endorphin rush so it's usually worth it.

Anyway, here are some nails! I drew this little design one night this weekend and got excited about doing it immediately so I bumped it to the top of the ol' nail to-do list. I know I've done a couple designs already that incorporated neon pink and blue but I couldn't help myself - these 3 colors are from Orly's summer collection and I got them all together so that means I had to use them all together. You guys understand, right?

The base color is Orly - After Party, and oh man, LOOK at that shimmer. It's so pretty, it looks like subtle galaxy nails all by itself. The shimmer is mostly pink and blue which made my brain very happy considering I was layering the pink and blue neons over it. The formula of this polish was insanely good, if I had done only a very slightly thicker first coat it would have been a one-coater.

Also oh my god I love neon pink and blue together SO MUCH. I can't help it. This is the same pink I used in the nude/neon flowers mani I did last week (Orly - Beach Cruiser) and I still stand by my statement that it is the perfect neon pink. The blue is Orly - Skinny Dip and it's a great color, it may not be QUITE neon but it's pretty close and it also has this pretty little shimmer running through it that really makes it look like water.

This design wasn't difficult but it was more time-consuming than I thought it would be due to the fact that both the pink and blue required 2 coats for opacity. I love doing nail art with neons but I hate it for this one reason - because a lot of times a design takes twice as long because you have to go over everything TWICE. Boo.

The execution of the design is simple. First, I painted light lines outlining the shapes I wanted. Then I filled them in, and then painted over the lines again to make them clean and crisp and stand-outy. Is that a word? I didn't think it was but I'm not getting a little spell check line under it so I guess I win.

Because I had to go over everything twice I got bored and decided to just do a glitter gradient with a super blingy ring finger accent on righty over here.

This decision was also partially influenced by the fact that I just picked up a longtime lemming a week or two ago at Sephora. The glitter is Sephora by OPI - Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild and it is sooo sparkly and wonderful. It's filled with tiny purple glitter and larger purple hex glitter and holographic hex glitter. There's 2 coats on my ring finger which made it completely opaque. I'd also like to note that this polish, and the others like it in the SOPI jewelry top coat collection with this type of small/large glitter mixture (Only Gold for Me, Indi-go With the Flow, Traffic Stopper Copper, etc.) are PERFECT for easy, quick glitter gradients. Just an FYI if anyone is looking to dip their toes into that particular pool.

Alrighty, that's all for today! See you guys next time!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Accidental nail art

Hey party people! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I did yard work with my roommate slash boyfriend (who is also a landscaper) all afternoon on Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with friends and family. And painting my nails, yay!

So Friday night we were watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and then we got bored, so we started watching Community on Netflix and I was painting my nails with the intention of just leaving each hand one solid color. But then my boyfriend fell asleep and I was like okay... just a little nail art... just an accent nail. That's it. Just an accent nail.

Then this accidentally happened.

I just kinda started doodling on my ring finger with my favorite little striper brush and ended up with this intricate triangle pattern covering my whole nail, so I repeated the pattern on my thumbs and then sat there for a minute trying to decide if I should do anything to my other nails.

The answer was yes, of course. I couldn't help it. So I did some more triangles that kind of looked like they were... I dunno. Falling? Dangling? Hanging out being triangles?

Then I was like, should I do my right hand too? Okay, maybe just the accent nails.

So I did the accent nails, and then the hard part was out of the way, so I just went ahead and rounded out this little accidental manicure by finishing the other three nails the same way as my left hand.

The colors are Essie - Bikini So Teeny (the blue) and Tart Deco. Bikini So Teeny was first on my list to use when I originally started these nails, and all ten nails were originally just going to be that one solid color until I spotted Tart Deco on my shelf (UNTRIED) and couldn't stop staring at/drooling over the two colors together.

I also used my light box for these photos for the first time, and while I'm not totally happy with how they came out I'm definitely going to play around with it more. My camera kind of panicked on the white balancing even though I manually balanced it, and my lights aren't bright enough so all the pictures were a little underexposed, but oh well. They'll be better next time!

So there you guys have it! An intimate look at what goes on inside my brain and then on my nails at 12:30 AM on a Friday night when my hangout buddy has fallen asleep and I've had a couple glasses of wine. My life is really cool.

How did you guys spend your Friday night? Did you do any cool nails this weekend? Tell me about it! Let's hang out!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Neon & nude roses!

Hay guys! Okay, so I wore those nails based on that dress for seriously only a day short of a week, which is officially the longest I think I've ever worn any nail art. I mean I liked it a lot, but it was more that I just hadn't had time to change it (as usual). So last night I went out with a friend and got home a little late but I was just like, okay Whitney, it's time. Saddle up and change your nails. This is getting ridiculous.

I wanted to do something that wouldn't be too time-consuming and I've also been wanting to do something with neon and nude together for a really long time, and the desire was even stronger because I had an untried neon pink AND an untried neutral sitting on my shelf. This is basically unheard of because these are 2 of my favorite color types right now, so I usually have to use them as soon as I buy them.

These nails are loosely based off this flowery manicure that I did a couple months back and really liked. That one was easy to execute even with a bunch of colors, so I knew it would probably require the short time commitment I wanted last night if I did it in just 2 colors.

I think these little flowers are pretty cute, and they seriously could not be easier to do. All I did was blob color on using the polish brush and then use a black striping polish to draw some rose-looking curvy lines around and inside the blobs. This is another one of those manicures that's really fun and easy to do because it's not supposed to be perfect!

The neon pink is Orly - Beach Cruiser, and it's seriously my favorite neon pink EVER (and this is coming from someone who definitely owns too many neon pinks for one person because I LOVE THEM I CAN'T HELP IT). It's SO bright in person, has a super easy application, and is the perfect shade of pink - not too red and not too blue. I'm in love. The neutral is OPI - Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh? and I super like it too. It's got a nice formula and the color is so pretty. I love the OPI brush more than anything, I always have to do the least cleanup when I use that brush.

Alright, that's all for today! See you guys tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pretty & Polished Tart

Hey everybunny! Today I have some pictures of this pretty little thing by Pretty & Polished called Tart. I wore this a couple weeks ago (thus the square nails) and same as when I wore Jawbreaker by P&P I basically never wanted to take it off. I am SO into pastel sheer-ish bases with glitter that give this dreamy jelly-sandwich look... I can't even tell you guys how much I love these kinds of polishes, and Chelsea keeps making awesome ones.

Tart is filled with tons of different glitter - big white and pink hexes, smaller white, pink and blue hexes, tiny glitters, and this tiiiiny blue shimmer that I didn't even know was there until I put it on my nails because I've never seen it come across in photos (I obviously couldn't capture it either unfortunately).

I did 2 coats of Tart over one coat of Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac, which is an exact match color-wise for Tart. I assume, like Jawbreaker, that this would have been opaque on its own in 3 coats but I wanted to conserve since my broke self can only afford the mini bottles :)

Just LOOK at that GLITTER. That PURPLE. Hnnng.

In that pic it looks as though the polish is a little see-through, but the picture is a liar. It's only because my hand was backlit. ALSO, apologies for the tiny chip on my pointer finger that you probably didn't notice until I said that sentence just now. I can barely even see it in these pics but figured I may as well acknowledge my failure as a nail blogger in case anyone sees it and thinks that I was trying to pretend it's not there. I took these pics several days after the actual execution of this mani, so uh... there's the explanation I guess? Also I am a bad nail blogger. BAD WHITNEY.

You can buy Pretty & Polished at her Etsy shop. She's not open right now but she has openings fairly frequently which is super cool and the only reason I've managed to snag 9 of her polishes so far!

Happy hump day! See y'all tomorrow (probably)!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Squiggly dress print

Hey guys! I'm back! Still alive! Still painting nails! I usually post about a design the day after I do it - I like the idea of having a queue of designs to post but in reality I get excited and want to share it as soon as possible, haha. These nails were an exception, though... I did them last Thursday and then spent my whole weekend busily setting up my house, going to Ikea, etc. so I didn't have any time to post them until today! But here they are!

These are based on this dress that Wah Nails posted as nail inspo a couple months ago. I really liked it, so I saved the link and pulled it back out last week.

Also, look! My nails are round again! I loved my square nails but I am not exaggerating when I say I broke a nail probably 12-15 times over the course of the 3-4 weeks I had them. Couldn't do it anymore. So last week sometime I finally gave in and switched back... I missed my round nails a lot though, which I didn't really realize until I had filed them back again!

Shout out to Sarah of Chalkboard Nails for the next hand pose :) The original image was vertical but as I was rotating it I decided I liked it this way, and then it reminded me of one of her "signature" poses. AW YEAH.

Okay, and here's a shot of both of my hands together. It's not a GREAT picture, but I took it by myself and I just really wanted to have a picture of both hands because they matched, which is not always the case when I do intricate designs (a lot of times I'll do something simpler on my right hand because I'm lazy and impatient).

Anyway, I was actually pretty proud that my right hand turned out almost as well as my left. Working my way toward ambidexterity, y'all.

Another thing about this two-hand picture is that I took it this morning, as in 5 days after I originally painted these nails, and look at the condition they're still in - no chips and barely any tip wear. The base color is China Glaze - First Mate, and I think that this polish (plus the holy grail of top coats, Seche Vite, of course) is to blame for the awesome longevity of this manicure. I'm seriously in love with First Mate. If I was to pick a formula for every single polish I own to duplicate, it would be the formula of this one - almost a one-coater but perfect at two, not too thick or too thin, so shiny, and wears like armor. If you don't have a good navy blue in your collection (or even if you do) I strongly suggest getting this one. STRONGLY SUGGEST IT.

The other colors are:
China Glaze - Heli-Yum (bright red/pink)
China Glaze - Flyin' High (light blue)
Essie - Mojito Madness (green)
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear - Sun Kissed (orange)
Zoya - Pippa (yellow)

Alright everyone, that does it for this post! Over the weekend I built a new nail polish rack and reorganized my whole stash, so I'll have a post about that up sometime later this week. Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My nails match my phone case!

Hay y'all! I'm still slowly getting back up to speed in my nail game - I miss painting them every night or every other night but I've had a lot going on lately and the thought of painting my nails has just been exhausting for some reason! Please bear with me while I work on ramping up my creativity/energy again. :)

Last night I knew I wanted to paint my nails but I didn't want to do anything super complicated. I've had the idea for these nails on the back burner ever since I got my sweet drippy slime iPhone case a month or so ago, so I decided to go ahead and make them happen!

I've never done slimy/drippy nails before and they were super fun and easy to do. I didn't even use any nail art brushes - just the nail polish bottle brush!

Nathan (le boyfriend) says they remind him of Nickelodeon. I agree, I think the color combo is what does it!

Here's a shot of the nails and the cool iPhone case inspiration! The colors are a little off, which bothers my OCD self, but oh well. I started out using a neon pink for the base but the pink I ended up using is closer to the color of the pink on the case, just a little darker. The green is brighter/lighter in real life but I think layering it over the pink made it darken up too.

Here's a bonus shot of my usual hand pose - you can see that obnoxious round corner on my thumb nail, but it's slowly going away as I file my nails a little each time they're naked. I wish my nails grew faster, UGH.

The colors I used in this mani are China Glaze - Rich & Famous (pink) and Orly - Fresh (green). Rich & Famous is such a pretty pink, it's bright and saturated but a little muted at the same time.

Funny story - when I logged onto tumblr to post this mani, I saw this post from Alex over at Deluxe Digits and I was like OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS! What are the odds that someone I follow on tumblr would have the same phone case as I do and do a mani inspired by it ON THE SAME DAY I DID. It gave me a serious case of the internal giggles. The world is a really cool/weird place sometimes.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


HEY EVERYONE! WELCOME TO MY BRAND NEW BLOG! I'm super pumped to have a space where I can write thousands of words about my nails and post millions of pictures of them! Just kidding, but seriously, some (okay most) of my posts are probably a little too verbose for tumblr and so I think it will be nice to have a place where I can write as much as I want and not feel like I'm taking up people's valuable tumblr dashboard time.

Anyway! On to today's nails. I haven't done nail art in a couple weeks and to be honest my nails have been completely naked for the last week and a half. We moved and then immediately left for the beach for a week and between those two things I haven't been able to find any time to paint my nails (though I took like 50 polishes to the beach thinking I'd want to paint at night... didn't happen). So last night my friend Brittony was over and we had a nail painting party together and I did some 4th of July nail art!

I'm really happy with how these turned out. I've never done bows before, so they could definitely be a little neater, but by the end I felt like I had a good hang of it and I'm excited to do them again because I think they are SO ADORABLE.

Brittony kept looking at them and squealing at their cuteness. I can't lie... I may have done that too. I originally wanted to put stars on the blue bows, but that ended up being overly ambitious as the bows ended up being tiny.

Usually I'd include my thumb in pictures but it will be hiding for a little bit because the corner broke off and so one corner is round and it's driving me nuts. I love square nails, but I've seriously broken almost all of them in the last two weeks so I don't know if I'll be able to keep them... hopefully the breakage was due to being at the beach/leaving them unpainted so I'm going to let this experiment run a little longer in my natural habitat (never showering and always having eight layers of polish on for strength).

I think it's important to note that these nails are based off a picture in this post - the dog wearing the patriotic bow, haha. Also, good thing to read today if you have pets!

If anyone is curious, here's my right hand!

I actually could have done the stripes and bows on my right hand as well because they weren't very hard, but Brittony was doing glitter gradients and I got jealous of how pretty they were so I decided to do them too. My favorite is the blue over red.

The colors I used are:
China Glaze - First Mate (navy)
China Glaze - White On
China Glaze - Polarized (silver glitter)
China Glaze - Love Marilyn (red glitter)
Konad Special Polish in white for the bow outlines
Revlon - Radiant (blue glitter)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Cherry Red (I bought this yesterday specifically for this mani because I only had 2 red polishes and neither of them were the right color!)

Okay! Here is the end of my first real blog post! I hope y'all enjoyed it and come back for more, and I hope everyone has a safe and SUPER FUN 4th of July!