Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My nails match my phone case!

Hay y'all! I'm still slowly getting back up to speed in my nail game - I miss painting them every night or every other night but I've had a lot going on lately and the thought of painting my nails has just been exhausting for some reason! Please bear with me while I work on ramping up my creativity/energy again. :)

Last night I knew I wanted to paint my nails but I didn't want to do anything super complicated. I've had the idea for these nails on the back burner ever since I got my sweet drippy slime iPhone case a month or so ago, so I decided to go ahead and make them happen!

I've never done slimy/drippy nails before and they were super fun and easy to do. I didn't even use any nail art brushes - just the nail polish bottle brush!

Nathan (le boyfriend) says they remind him of Nickelodeon. I agree, I think the color combo is what does it!

Here's a shot of the nails and the cool iPhone case inspiration! The colors are a little off, which bothers my OCD self, but oh well. I started out using a neon pink for the base but the pink I ended up using is closer to the color of the pink on the case, just a little darker. The green is brighter/lighter in real life but I think layering it over the pink made it darken up too.

Here's a bonus shot of my usual hand pose - you can see that obnoxious round corner on my thumb nail, but it's slowly going away as I file my nails a little each time they're naked. I wish my nails grew faster, UGH.

The colors I used in this mani are China Glaze - Rich & Famous (pink) and Orly - Fresh (green). Rich & Famous is such a pretty pink, it's bright and saturated but a little muted at the same time.

Funny story - when I logged onto tumblr to post this mani, I saw this post from Alex over at Deluxe Digits and I was like OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS! What are the odds that someone I follow on tumblr would have the same phone case as I do and do a mani inspired by it ON THE SAME DAY I DID. It gave me a serious case of the internal giggles. The world is a really cool/weird place sometimes.


  1. So cute! I've been wanting to get one of those cases for my iPhone, but I drop my phone so much I don't trust myself with anything but an otterbox defender case. haha.

    1. Thanks! :) I drop my phone all the time too but have always found that as long is there is SOME kind of case on it I'm fine - except this one case I had, it broke open when I dropped my phone and scratched the metal on the side :( SO MAD. This case is actually surprisingly good for a $3.50 eBay find though haha.

  2. Is there a tutorial anywhere that can show me how to do this?

    1. Probably! You could just google "slime nails tutorial" or "drippy nails tutorial" I bet. They're super easy though, all I did was take the brush from the polish bottle and do a couple dots where I wanted the drips to end. Then I just connected them with diagonal lines to make it look slimy. You really can't mess it up! And if you make any mistakes or don't like the way your lines look you can just go back over them :)


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