Monday, August 20, 2012

Framed feathers

Hey everyone! It's Monday, cool! (not). I hope everyone had a super cool weekend. We had that bonfire on Friday night and I stayed up late painting nails and talking with my friend Sara, then spent the next day at this really cool swimming hole. And I got to see my family on Sunday, so all in all I'd say it was a successful weekend.

I've been wanting to do a turquoise/brown/gold feather pattern for a while now, and last night I decided that it was time. The feather pattern bell was tolling.

I actually had no trouble deciding on these colors FOR ONCE. I did pull out a few extras that I thought I might use but ended up just using the colors I originally planned on.

The turquoise is China Glaze - For Audrey, one of the first CG polishes that I (and many others) ever bought. For good reason too, it's beautiful and has a nice, smooth 2-coat formula. The brown is OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know? and it's such a pretty brown. It has a subtle bronzey shimmer in it that unfortunately doesn't translate into these photos at all, but it's really nice in real life. The gold is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Golden-I, which is a really nice, sparkly, opaque gold foil.

These nails were so fun to paint! I know I say this all the time, but usually the designs I pick are so precise that it's fun to venture out of that area and into something that's not supposed to be totally perfect. All I did to make the feathers was draw a line down the middle of my nail for the feather spine (is that a thing? is that what it's called?), then did the little feathery parts in brown or blue, then added the gold accent feathery parts. After that I went back over the middle line to make sure that it stood out nicely. Easy peasy!

This mani didn't take me very long to do at all (I did both hands and it only took like 20-30 minutes, which is an insanely short time for me to spend painting my nails) so after I was done with the feathers I was like, shouldn't I add something else? And in the words of Sammy from The Nailasaurus, I realized... if you like it you should probably put a frame on it. So I did. It took a lot more time than the feathers but I think it really made the design look a lot more finished/polished (HAHA GET IT) so I'm happy I took the extra time on it.

I like the way my thumb turned out the best, so here's a special thumb shot!

So what do you guys think? I like the way these turned out and the feather pattern was so quick and easy, it might be my new go-to when I'm feeling too lazy to do complicated nail art! I want to try it in different colors (LIKE NEONS) and try multiple feathers on each finger, etc.

Alrighty, see you guys next time!


  1. Aaaah I love this colour combo! I always associate aqua and brown with tribal prints and feathers and dream catchers and stuff :P My favourite part is the pretty gold bits of shimmer between the feathers- so pretty!

    1. thank you! :) I like the gold bits too, I think they add depth to the feathers - I love the aqua and brown color combo a lot too!

  2. what a pretty feather freehand!


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