Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jewel-toned quilt blocks

Hey y'all! Today I have some nails that I did with some of my favorite colors/polishes (at the moment). I love jewel tones in general and polish colors are no exception. I had a hard time choosing colors for this design and had a bunch of pastels and darker colors laid out but in the end I went with these pretty jewely saturated colors. Not too light and not too dark. The Goldilocks of my nail polish options!

The design is just something I doodled up when I was watching TV last week. Sometimes I'll get a pattern in my brain so I'll grab some paper and start doodling it and then other patterns will pop into my head while I'm doing that, so I'll sketch those out real quick and then eventually end up with a coherent set of nails haha. Or just a bunch of patterns that don't go together.

I don't really know what to call these but they remind me of quilt blocks so that's what I decided on.

I used not one, but TWO nice thick coats of Seche Vite over this pattern because filling in the squares so that they were opaque left them pretty bumpy. Usually one coat of SV smoothes everything out to my liking but this time after one coat I was looking at them and cringing over the little ridges and bumps I could still see under the topcoat. I'm kind of a perfectionist? I guess maybe you guys have noticed that though.

The base color is Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue, which is one of the prettiest shades of blue I own and has a great formula and awesome color saturation to boot. I LOVE this color. The purple is Essie - Play Date and is one of my favorite purple polishes (and I have a lot), and the green is Essie - Mojito Madness, which is easily one of my favorite green polishes I own. Are you seeing a trend here? LET'S USE ALL THE BEST POLISHES ALL IN ONE MANICURE! said my brain as I was picking colors.

These took a while to do, in large part due to my aforementioned perfectionism which forced me to make the squares as perfect and even and straight and uniform as possible so I had to go pretty slowly and carefully through the whole manicure. I'm really happy with how they came out though. Plus, I did them while watching the Olympics, so it was totally painless.

SIDENOTE: how awesome is doing your nails while watching the Olympics? Have you guys been doing that too? I can think of almost nothing I'd rather do than those 2 things together! I wish the Olympics was every day forever, except I'm kind of glad they're only once every four years because if they were on all the time I probably wouldn't have any friends and would just stay home and paint my nails and watch gymnastics and swimming every night.

Okay, until next time!


  1. I love these nails and the colors! Also, your cuticles look fantastic! I'm jealous.

  2. Whoa, one of my fav manicures ever! I would love to see a pic of your nail art brushes... I own one and haven't been that impressed with it, but seeing what you do with yours, maybe I should try some different ones! Once again love this manicure, I am fantasizing about a yellow version for myself...

    1. Thank you! At some point in the future I'll jump on the bandwagon of the "stuff I use" blog post :) In a nutshell, though, I have a 15-brush set from MASH that I got on Amazon (just search MASH brushes) and there's a medium-length striper in there that I cut half the bristles off to make it even skinnier and that's literally the only thing I use for 95% of what I do!

    2. Ok I put it in my cart! Ha ha! Now I have to google what the eff to do with those giant fan shaped brushes... :) Thanks!


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