Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Princess nails!

Hey guys! Today I have another pretty glittery indie polish to show you! I got home late last night after running and dinner with my friend Erin and I wanted to paint my nails but knew I was too tired to do any complicated nail art. As I was trying to find a polish that I'd be happy wearing for a day or two by itself my eyes landed on Frantic Romantic from All That Glitters. I was sold.

Frantic Romantic is an absolute glitter bomb packed into a blue-leaning pink jelly base. There is pink micro glitter, small pink hex glitter, medium holographic hex glitter, and HOLOGRAPHIC HEART GLITTER. 

You can see a good holo shot of one of those hearts on my pinkie in the next picture. It was cloudy when I took these pictures but the holo pieces still gave me some rainbows which was awesome.

I layered 2 coats of Frantic Romantic over 3 coats China Glaze - Something Sweet, another polish I'd never used before. Once I had it on all of my nails I was surprised by how much I liked it. I'm so into neons and bright colors that I almost never paint my nails with sweet little pastels like this, but I ended up really loving the way it made my hands look. I almost just left all my nails painted pastel pink but I had already gotten too excited about using this glitter, so I compromised with a sort of reverse accent nail thing.

Frantic Romantic was a pretty easy polish to work with considering how much glitter was in it. I did have to do a little placement of the bigger pieces but not much, and I didn't have to do any fishing for the big hex glitters or the hearts. When I use it again I will probably find a base color that is closer to the jelly base of this polish - it takes a little work to make sure it's even/not streaky over a base color that doesn't match. 3 coats of this polish would probably make the color even with no effort or touchups/patching, but I liked the glitter coverage at 2 coats.

Also, as an aside, Something Sweet is a really pretty pastel pink but the formula is a bummer. It's streaky and runny and although most of my nails looked fine with 3 very careful coats, the nails I was less careful with required 4 coats. I do tend to do thin coats, though, so this may not be the case for everyone. It's such a nice color that it's worth it, in my opinion.

All That Glitters polishes can be purchased through her Etsy store. The shop is closed right now because Kirsten is in the process of moving but it looks like she'll be opening back up soon!

K, that's all for today! See you guys next time!


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