Friday, August 17, 2012

Red Lights Ahead, Where?

Hay y'all! Happy Friday, WOO! Who has awesome plans for the weekend? I hope EVERYONE DOES. We are having a bonfire at my house tonight and other fun stuff planned for the rest of the weekend so I'm super looking forward to it!

I've been dying to use OPI - Red Lights Ahead, Where? for the last week or so, but had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I couldn't get the color combination of this red with a nude/neutral out of my head so last night I just plucked them off the shelves and decided to just doodle some random patterns on my nails with them.

The nude is OPI - Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh? and it's not only a gorgeous color but also great for nail art, nice and opaque and smooth. I love when I don't have to go back over my lines more than once and I was afraid that a light color like this would be see-through but I was pleasantly surprised.

The blue is China Glaze - Secret Peri-wink-le and it was the only color of this combo that I had to do a little deliberation about. Granted, not as much as those other nails I posted a few days ago, but I definitely stared at several colors in combo with the first two before I decided on this one. A close runner-up was CG's For Audrey, but I liked the dustiness of Secret Peri-wink-le combined with the intense brightness of the red.

These are the first nails I've done in a minute that weren't inspired by something or sketched out beforehand. I just gathered all my supplies, turned on an episode of Breaking Bad and started going to town with my lil' striper brush. Sometimes when I do that I don't like how my nails turn out but I'm really happy with these - I love this red and I love this color combo a lot, which probably has a lot to do with my mani satisfaction.

Here is a SUPER BONUS sunshine shot to show off the brightness of RLAW. So pretty, gah. I think this will be the color I use on my toes next time I paint them for sure.

Alright, I think that's about all for today! I hope you guys enjoy these nails as much as I do! The color combo is pretty different for me, I think, which is cool. And um... okay, I guess that's all for today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Fantastic! I totally love these colors together. The design on the pinky is my favorite!

    1. thanks GIRL! The design on the pinky is my favorite too, I'll probably replicate it for a whole manicure at some point!


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