Friday, January 4, 2013

December polish haul!

Hey loves, happy Friday! I stayed home sick today so I've been trying to catch up on all things nail-related (tumblr messages, emails, picture organizing etc). Blogging is really time-consuming, which is a thing I did not know until I started doing it haha. I've taken pictures with the intent to do a haul post for the last couple months but just never got around to it, but it's a new year now and I want to keep up with this kind of thing. I also LOVE reading other people's haul posts and seeing pictures so I figure if there are a few people out there like me, y'all will like this too. :)

December was a very big polish month for me. Let's get started.

Floss Gloss Bikini Coral, Neon Nacho, Perf, Fastlane, Wavepool, Partybruise, Dimepiece, Stun, Glowstar

Floss Gloss had a sale on their polishes in November right around my birthday so I bought a bunch of them as a birthday present to myself since I'd been lemming them for just about FOREVER. They came in December so they belong in this post (technically).

The FG girls were also awesome enough to send me a duplicate of my order because we thought the first one got lost in the mail - I highly recommend this brand, the colors are immaculate and the customer service is on point.

Floss Gloss Bikini Coral
Floss Gloss Neon Nacho
Floss Gloss Perf
Floss Gloss Fastlane
Floss Gloss Wavepool
Floss Gloss Partybruise
Floss Gloss Dimepiece
Floss Gloss Stun
Floss Gloss Glowstar

I also finally caved and ordered the set of Lime Crime polishes as a birthday present to myself. I bought them in November but they also came in December soo... here they are in this post.

Lime Crime Milky Ways
Lime Crime Parfait Day
Lime Crime Peaches <3 Cream
Lime Crime Crema de Limon
Lime Crime Pastelchio
Lime Crime Once in a Blue Mousse
Lime Crime Lavendairy

I somehow got lucky enough to score 18 American Apparel polishes in a set on eBay for $27... be still my bargain-polish-loving heart. I'm not going to list all the colors here but if you're curious about any just ask!

I picked up a couple of the holiday Pure Ice polishes and a couple others.

Pure Ice Cheatin
Pure Ice Twist and Shout
Pure Ice Sleigh Ride
Pure Ice My Wonderland

My patience paid off and I scored the 3 Zoyas I was yearning for from the Ornate collection at Ulta when they were buy 2 get 1 free. I used a coupon too so I paid less than $12 for all 3!

Zoya Aurora
Zoya Storm
Zoya Ziv

Sally had a 50% off clearance sale so I picked up 10 China Glazes for $11.80 (used a coupon on this one too haha).

China Glaze Cast a Spell
China Glaze Roguish Red
China Glaze Bizarre Blurple
China Glaze Make a Spectacle
China Glaze Ghoulish Glow
China Glaze Glitter Goblin
China Glaze No Plain Jane
China Glaze Deviantly Daring
China Glaze Hanging in the Balance
China Glaze Creative Fantasy

My sister got me the last 3 for my birthday (which, again, was in November, but I received these from her in December so it's LEGIT).

China Glaze Running in Circles
China Glaze Water You Waiting For
China Glaze Def Defying

The lovely Cindy from Shimmer Polish sent me five gorgeous glitters for review.

Shimmer Polish Fanny
Shimmer Polish Elsa
Shimmer Polish Kelly
Shimmer Polish Carol
Shimmer Polish Karina

And last but not least, the polishes that don't fit in any other group! I ordered Butter London Two Fingered Salute on a whim during a late-night chat with Alexis Leigh after lemming it hard for a while. It didn't disappoint. My friend Allie gave me OPI Love Me Tender for Christmas, a gorgeous peachy-pink with golden shimmer that I'd never heard of before but is so pretty. And my sister Summer gave me Color Club Blue-ming along with the 3 China Glaze polishes she got me for my birthday!

So there we have it. It was quite the big month for me, polish-wise, at 62 polishes (not counting the duplicates I got from Floss Gloss which will soon be going to their new home in my sister's room haha). But I got most of it on deep sale or clearance and others were given to me so I'm not crying over anything. January will be a VERY light month, though!

How did you guys make out for December? If you have pictures or haul posts please leave them in the comments for me to see!


  1. HOLY MOLYYY this is freaking ridiculous in the most amazing way possible.

  2. I thought I had a big enough haul last month oh em geeee you are such a lucky girl!! Everything looks amazing, but I'm especially jealous of your American Apparel and China Glaze pretties!

  3. I seriously almost started drooling when I read this...I might have to post my own haul images!

  4. OMG...! I'm so so jelaous! :) what a collection!!!

  5. I am soooo jealous when I hear bloggers talk about how they get great shades of China Glaze on the 50% off Sally sales...we now have 3 Sally's in a 100 mile radius now and that only happened in the past 1.5 yrs. But none of the Sally's ever have much of anything left when it's time for a sale...esp not in polish. This last sale the only thing they had in the polish sale were about 15 of the mini holiday Orly polishes that were sold in a bin for holiday. None of these shades you picked up were even left over after their collections they came from ended!

  6. Wow- I thought my December Haul was awesome but yours rocks. Great ebay deal too- I LOVE American Apparel polishes!

  7. I just bought Lime Crimes Milky Ways...I just couldn't resist its creamy dreaminess! I was considering Zoya Jacqueline instead, but something about Milky Ways just took at whack at my resistance.

  8. *Lime Crime, not Crimes. I blame the "s" at the end of Milky Ways.

  9. oh my god. wow, you must be sitting in nail polish heaven right now :P i'm super jealous of all your finds. those lime crime polishes look sooo beautiful <3 can't wait to see all of the nail art you do with your new babies :D


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