Friday, February 8, 2013

Cagedbird Nail Lacquer Lovesome

Happy Friday, lovers! A week or so ago I was contacted by Sarah from Cagedbird Nail Lacquer and asked if I'd like to review her Valentine's Day polish. I was immediately like YES because her polishes are adorable. So now I present to you... Cagedbird Nail Lacquer Lovesome!

Lovesome is comprised of hot pink and light pink hexes and microglitter in a clear base. The Etsy shop description says that the glitters are matte, but to me they look more like satin, which I seriously LOVE.

The other night I was talking to Alexis from XOXO Alexis Leigh while I was trying out layering combinations for this polish and we started talking about Floss Gloss, which reminded me that Floss Gloss Partybruise might be good underwear for this polish. I tried it and instantly fell in love. This combo is so pretty to me, it's sweet and romantic but also kind of dramatic and classy.

The formula on Lovesome was perfect. This is only one coat over Partybruise and the coverage was great, as you can see. The description says that the hearts are sparse and they are - I only got one on a nail - but that didn't bother me at all. I love it this way.

Overall I ended up liking this polish a lot more than I originally expected to. It looked interesting in the bottle but it looks SO much better on nails! This is definitely unique in my stash and I think it's a really cute, sweet polish for Valentine's Day. If you like glitter, especially pink glitter, you probably need it.

Cagedbird Nail Lacquer can be found on Etsy and Facebook. The listing for Lovesome is here! Go grab it before it's gone!

What do you guys think of this polish and this combo?


  1. Beautiful! I love it as a gradient.

  2. I love this. So much so I went an bought a bottle of cagebird - dang it :)

  3. This looks so pretty! I love how you made one nail a gradient to mix it up a little!

  4. This glitter looks awesome on top of black! Love this as a valentines manicure :)

  5. Really pretty VDay look! I assume that you change your polish often, how do you do so without your nails getting brittle or damaged?

  6. Great combo ! I prefer the glitter use as a gradient. So gorgeous !

  7. This looks stunning! Much better than your average glitter gradient.


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