Saturday, February 16, 2013

Geometric challenge day 6 - 80s party nails

Hey everyone, happy Saturday! Another uncharacteristic weekend post coming to you courtesy of the Geometric Challenge. Today's theme is bent!

I had a couple ideas for this but I didn't really like them and then yesterday night when I was about to start on my nails I had the idea to do several bent lines on top of each other in pArtY cOLoRs!

Dressed Up Nails - 80s party nail art

I didn't know if they would turn out the way I wanted them to, so I started to test the design on my thumbnail, but after I painted the first line I was just like well okay let's do this. Let's just go for it. LET'S GET CRAZY!

Dressed Up Nails - 80s party nail art

I started with a base of two coats of OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!, which is a really pretty dark gray with just the slightest tinge of green that sets it apart from other dark grays. Then, using my mid-length striper brush, I painted the bent lines in OPI Fly, OPI Did It On 'Em, and China Glaze Sugar High. I just need to tell you guys that I LOVE this color combo omg.

Dressed Up Nails - 80s party nail art

These were pretty easy to do but I think they still look cool, which is... cooool. I think they ended up looking like an 80s party on my nails. The first thing my boyfriend said when I showed him was "ooh, 80s!" which makes the second set of nails I've done in like two weeks that have turned out unintentionally 80s-looking. I think that says a lot about my style sensibility (namely that I am probably a time traveler from 1988).

Dressed Up Nails - 80s party nail art

I was a little nervous about these at first but luckily they turned out the way I wanted and I think they're fun to look at! What do y'all think? I'm also pretty glad that this INTENSE WEEK OF BLOGGING is over and that I can blogchill for a couple days. Although I have to say, even though doing challenges can be sort of stressful sometimes, I'm always really proud of the things I end up doing that I'd probably never think to do otherwise. Sometimes you just need that lil extra push to be creative (especially when you're a lazy procrastinator like I am).

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  1. These are so much fun! Loved your idea! :)

  2. I'm a procrastinator too! Love the challenges cause it makes you GET IT DONE! And, I always start on my thumb too, in case I mess up. These are totally tubular! :P

  3. Such a fun mani!! It reminds me of the show Art Attack!! :)

  4. LOL omg you had me literally laughing out loud with this post, Whitney. I think you need to officially coin 'blogchill'. That aside, I love this manicure! I really like the grey base with the bright colours. Grey is so unexpected compared to black and I'm liking it 1000x more!


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