About Me

Hey y'all! I'm Whitney. I'm 27 but inside I'll probably always be 11. I have lot of enthusiasm for things like nail polish, nail art, talking about nail polish and nail art, reading, 2-hour baths, glitter, unicorns, soft pants, my lady dog, camping, Scrabble, crafting, organization, brunch, and not leaving my house unless absolutely necessary. I work for my family business doing bookkeeping, logistics, project management, web app design, and a host of other tasks here and there, and I really like it. I live with my boyfrand in a cute little house just outside Atlanta. Here is a picture of me as a unicorn:

I've had a lot of hobbies and interests in the past and usually I get very into something for a few weeks or a few months and then drop it and move on to the next thing once I feel I have a fairly good grasp of whatever it is I happen to be obsessed with. However, my obsession with all things nails has been going on for pretty close to a year now, and it shows no signs of abating thus far (knock on wood!).

I think that nail art holds my interest so well because there is just SO MUCH to it. I feel like there is always something new I can do, a new pattern or design or color combination or nail shape or polish collection coming out to squee over. I can see a lot of improvement in my nail art skillz from when I started, which is really fun, but I also feel like there is SO MUCH I can keep improving and learning and doing, which is so cool. I also really love having a blog and all the social-media-y places that allow me to meet other people who are obsessed with this like I am. I think that's the very best part.


  1. Love your blog. Just starting to get into polishes and art myself - lauraolley.tumblr.com

    I wonder -- how do you get to be a polish reviewer? Do you just start relationships with the polish companies and brands you like so they send you their new ones to test and try? There are so many interesting ones out there, I would love to get more into it!

    1. I think a lot of girls do contact brands that they like to establish a reviewer relationship, but I haven't done that yet (I'm lazy haha). All of the stuff I've been sent for review so far has been after the company contacted me. I think either way works fine!

  2. I love the unicorn look on you Whitney! LOL

  3. Hi!
    I just started following you and I'm in love, you are sooooooooo talented!!
    please check my blog, I would like to know your opinion!
    egipatskamau.blogspot.com <3

  4. Love ur blog! I love nail art and I think your designs are awsome!

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